Saturday, February 23, 2013

My collegues who are influenced by my Football cartoons

Since I started working with as an editorioal cartoonist, many young cartoon talents contacted me and showed me their work, and I was so proud to know that they are influenced by my cartoons.

1. Nagy Felix from Hungary:

Nagy was born in 25th of April (just like me :) now you see why he is talented) 2000, he is a Chelsea supporter and he is still at school, beside he was the first to contact me.
Here are samples of his work:


2. Cristian Moscoso from the USA:
Cristian is 16 years old ,he loves soccer and he hopes to become a cartoonist and a soccer player , He lives in Rockville MD

 3. Francesco Tata from Italy:

Fran was born in Rome, Italy , on 24th of August 1992. He lives in Rome and he is works as a cartoonist at
Fran dreams to be a designer of cars , in particular Alfa Romeo ,or a designer of football jerseys. And his favorite player is Angelo Peruzzi.

5. Antonio Soldado from Spain:
Toni was born in 1970 in Antequera, a city in southern Spain but have lived in many places in Spain. He worked in construction for 20 years, he likes football and classic cinema. and  he has a blog called where he shows his cartoons


 There are also other artists who contribute their cartoons via my page on

You can also contact me if you see yourself influenced via email:

Omar Momani

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