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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

ضيف كرفان

استضافني برنامج كرفان على قناة رؤيا ضمن فقرة ضيف لطيف.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Football Blogging Awards 2016

I've made it to the finalists of the Football Blogging Awards 2016 as Best International Football Blog!!! :)
Please support me by voting through the website via the following link, go to the "Best International Football Blog" category and choose my name

Monday, February 9, 2015

Me and Umberto Gandini

Umberto Gandini is the first vice-chairman of AC Milan, I met him in Dubai during The Dubai International Sports Conference in December 2014. I told him that am going to present him a cartoon as a gift, I sent him later the cartoon through the email and he replied with thanks.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pixel77 best Animators to follow on Twitter

I am honored to be in Pixel77 list of the 8 best Animators to follow on Twitter and I was listed number 5 here.
check out the link:
Pixel77 is blog you will find tutorials, design resources, articles about vector illustrations, t-shirt designs and more. They will present new designs that we think are worth while and cool. The blog will have also updates about their company Designious.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

20 top animators on Twitter

Creative Bloq posted the 20 top animators to follow on twitter and I was selected as number five, check out the list:

Creative Bloq delivers a daily balance of creative tips and inspiration across web design, graphic design, 3D and more. Bringing the very best design work to our audience and offering the insight that enables them to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in global design and to create their best work.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

تقرير قناة الجزيرة عن عمر المومني

Dzeko, Drogba, Eto'o, Toure and my cartoons

I was extremely happy to see my cartoon " Elephants and Lions join Super Eagles in Brazil"
been shared and tweeted by famous players especially when they are the recent winners of the African Player of the Year. Didier Drogba the Ivorian star and the (2006-2009) player of the year first shared it with his Instagram.

Later on the Cameroonian lion and Chelsea star Samuel Eto'o (2003, 2004, 2005 and 2010 African Player of the year) tweeted and shared it with his Facebook.

Me and Eto'o had a brief reply on Twitter.

Yaya Toure the last winner of the African Player of the Year and also won it in 2011 retweeted it from Eto'o.

Manchester City Bosnian star Edin Dzeko months ago also shared one of my special cartoon on Bosnia's historical qualify to the World Cup.

Friday, November 1, 2013

the Jordanian national team and the idea thief

On the September 2011, I drew a cartoon on Jordan achievement in the World Cup qualifications first phase in Asia, which was a “Football” wears an Arabic “Keffiyeh” (a traditional headdress) and heading to Brazil with slogan يلا عالبرزيل (Let’s go to Brazil) and so that the illustration was later published through the Arabic edition.

Later on it popped to my mind an idea to draw a mascot to Jordan with a business plan to establish a T Shirt and merchandising industry to supports the Jordanian national team. So I went the Jordan Football Association on the 15th of May 2012 to meet the marketing manager Mohannad Mahadeen to work with the JFA on the idea. Mahadeen asked me to draw a mascot which I made him an eagle wears the Jordanian jersey.

Later he told me that the JFA can’t afford to spend on the project because they don’t have the cash. Later I was surprised to see the JFA is asking an advertising agency to design a mascot with using my slogan (Let’s go to Brazil) and recently they are printing T-Shirts with it to sell it to the markets before the important matches between Jordan and Uruguay.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

الاتحاد الاردني و سارق الافكار مهند محادين

  في تاريخ 7 سيبتمبر 2011 قمت برسمة كاريكاتور عن انجاز الاردن في تصفيات كاس العالم, و اللتي هي عبارة عن كرة قدم مرتدية الحطة العربية و محلقة نحو البرازيل مع شعار يلا على البرازيل , و حتى أن الرسمة تم نشرها لاحقا عبر موقع جول النسخة 
لاحظ من الرابط تاريخ الرسمة:

 المهم خطرت ببالي فكرة رسم تعويذة خاصة بالمنتخب و القيام بتسويق قمصان تتكلم  عن المباريات القادمة للمنتخب , فقمت بمقابلة المدير التسويقي للاتحاد الاردني المدعو مهند محادين بتاريخ 15 ماي 2012 و الذي لم أجد مكتبا فوضويا أكثر من مكتبه, و عرضت 
عليه فكرة التعويذة و القمصان بالاضافة لامور اخرى.

المهم الاخ طلب مني رسمة التعويذة و قمت برسمها له و هي عبارة عن نسر مرتدي زي المنتخب مع الحطة العربية.

المهم  أخبرني بأنه لا يستطيع التعاون معي لتكلفة هذا المشروع, لاتفاجئ بعدها بأن الاتحاد قد طلب من احد شركات الاعلان تصميم  تعويذة مبررا بأن صاحب شركة الاعلان بمون (يا عيني عالفساد) و قامو ايضا بسرقة شعار يلا على البرازيل مني و مشيناها.
 و افاجاء اليوم بخبر على موقع خبرني بفكرة القمصان جديدا الان قبل موعد مبارة الاردن مع الارجواي .
الخبر موجود على موقع خبرني:

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Omar Momani interviews "the Running man" Vu Xuan Tien

In 490 BC, Pheidippides a Greek hero ran from the battle of Marathon to Athens to give the people the news in a story reflects loyalty and sacrifice. Vu Xuan Tien a gunner fan from Vietnam, ran a 5 kilometers on foot to chase the bus of his favorite team on their visit to his country, in a move which let Arsene Wenger that Tien is an inspiration to his team. I made a cartoon on this incidence last July and recently contacted with "the Running Man" and asked him for a special interview which he agreed.

1 - Can you give us a short brief on you?
My name is Vu Xuan Tien, I was born in 6th May, 1993 and I’m the last year student of Pharmacy Central College. I became a fan of Arsenal at the age of 5, I think I was effected by my grandfather and my father. All members of our family love Arsenal and Professor Arsene Wenger.

 2 - When you met Arsenal stars in the bus, were you surprised of their characteristic?
Certainly. I was so surprised because the players look tall and muscular, especially friendly. I was happy when Professor Wenger smiled at me. That was fantastic!!!

3 - Who is the best gunner player to consider as a buddy?
All the players are buddies ‘because I can feel their spirit, their passion for Arsenal.

4 - Where there any funny or bizarre moments?
When I was invited to get in the bus, they made applause and asked me to name the players. I named all the players (in the first and second squad).

5 - If Wenger asked for your advice what would you advice him?
 My advice? It’s very simple: “We all love Arsenal and always support the club even they had 8 years without any trophy and I think Arsenal will achieve triple this season for their endeavor.

6 - Can Arsenal win trophies this season, especially with the arrive of Ozil?
Yes, I do believe that Arsenal will win triple this season after such a long time of effort and sacrifice. I’m sure this year will be Arsenal’s year. Regarding Ozil, he’s a great player and deserved with what Arsenal spent for. But Arsenal is successful for its consolidation, every player plays important role in the club and that’s the most important.

5 - Who is your favorite Arsenal player at the moment and in history?
It’s Mikel Arteta. I was impressed by Henry and Bergkamp too. They devoted for the success of the club and helped the club get over their difficulties. That’s why I love them.

6 - Do you follow news and of course Cartoon of the day, and what was your reaction when you saw a cartoon on you?
Yes, I follow and I watch cartoon there as well. I’m so happy and excited about a cartoon on me. Thank you so much.

7- If I want to visit Vietnam where do you recommend me to visit and what is the best food?
There are so many nice places and good food to recommend. Just contact me, I will take you at the airport and show you around to nice places and try delicious foods.

And I will of course J

Tien told me also that he is been invited by Danish Ambassador John Nielsen, and he just joined in a mount marathon competition in Sapa town, 42km challenging distance together with many professionals from other countries. Tien the Pheidippides of Arsenal will always surprise us J.

Further reading:


Monday, October 14, 2013

جائزة مؤسسة الحسين للسرطان

لقد كنت سعيدا بتكريمي من  مؤسسة الحسين للسرطان بجائزة أفضل رسمة ثابتة عن موضوع سرطان الثدي و اللذي تم برعاية سمو   الاميرة غيداء طلال رئيسة هيئة أمناء المؤسسة و بحضور سمو الاميرة دينا مرعد مدير عام المؤسسة ضمن جائزة البرنامج الاردني لسرطان الثدي لعام 2013 في عمان الأردن.

 الخبر كان ايضا على صحيفة الرأي


Monday, September 16, 2013

Me caricatured by Toni Soldado

My friend Toni Soldado surprised me with caricature of mine, which I was happy with it.
Toni is a great spanish caricaturest you can ask him for caricatures of you, give a look to his blog:
and here is his twitter account: @tonicaturas