Omar Momani

My name is Omar Momani, it's not an alias or whatever. Am a self-learning cartoonist and animator, I was born in Jordan on (April 25, 1981), and have a university degree in Computer Science.

Since childhood I was fond of two things, cartoons, and football; though I've never been so good in it, but I like to watch games more than playing it.

Raised on supporting AC Milan and my football idol was Roberto Baggio <3 best="" days="" ever="" ilan.="" it="" joined="" my="" nbsp="" of="" one="" span="" was="" when="">

In cartoons, I like classic American cartoons, such as Looney Tunes, Disney, Fleischer, Hanna-Barbera and many others. And am a big fan of the Marcinelle school which produced classics like (Asterix, Lucky Luke, Yakari and many others).

In 2010 my childhood dream to be a professional football cartoonist was fulfilled when I joined, which is considered one of the biggest and most important football websites in the world.

During the years I have worked on many animation projects and worked with many respected clients and jobs. And here they are:

Omar Momani

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