Saturday, July 8, 2017

No PSG prison can hold Verratti

Will Mourinho FINALLY sign a striker?!

Jose Mourinho tried to woo Antoine Griezmann and Alvaro Morata to Manchester United but, after those bids failed, he's happy to worship at the altar of Romelu Lukaku!

Monchi: Roma is not a supermarket. Yeah, right!!

Welcome to Arsenal, Mr. Lacazette! Wait... where's Alexis Sanchez going?!

Lacazette cartoon

Lacazette may well be a safe bet at the head of Arsenal's attack, but with Alexis' continued links with a move to Manchester City... will the Gunners' frontline be as strong as last season?

Maradona: Trump is a cartoon character

Maradona: Trump is a cartoon character... Every time I see him on TV, I switch the channel
Putin represents one of the top league of political leaders

John Terry - from Chelsea hero to a Villain!

From Chelsea hero to Aston Villain - does John Terry have enough left in the tank to help Steve Bruce's side back to the Premier League?

Saturday, July 1, 2017

SIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Cristiano Ronaldo welcomes twins

Now Cristiano Ronaldo knows how Messi felt last year!

Cristiano Ronaldo now knows how Lionel Messi feels after Chile kicked both their asses in international tournaments.

Maldini playing tennis!

Paolo Maldini cartoon

In case you missed it, AC Milan legend Paolo Maldini is now a tennis star! His first professional game didn't quite go according to plan though...

Mourinho painting Matic

First his bus, now Matic - Mourinho's painting his favorite blue things a new shade of red!

Pogba's advice to Mbappe