Saturday, March 26, 2011


this cartoon is on Chelsea
Ancelotti recently led Chelsea to qualify to the round of 8th in the Champions League
and his results in the league became better
but rumors says that whatever he did, he will be sacked at the end of the season
Abramovic the owner of chlesea here is forcing Ancelotti

Mou the cook

this cartoon is about the Champions League game between Real Madrid and Lyon
Madrid finally qualified from the round of 16 after several years of struggling

Lehmann's Return

this cartoon is about Lehmann of Arsenal
it's well known that Arsenal is having so many youth players
while Lehmann is 41
Lehmann here is the bully of the school

Kaka Come Back

this cartoon is about Real Madrid's Kaka
whose future in the club is under questions
and the possibility of joining other clubs
in the left a group of Brazilians, who played before in Europe and now they are in Brazil (Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Fabiano ...)

Ibra and the serpant

This cartoon is about Milan and Inter
Inter is 2 points far from Milan,
Milan now in danger of loosing the first place, especially when they will meet with Inter in the next round
I represent Inter here as a snake (from their nick name) and their president Mr Morrati is preparing a coffee
and he is asking Milan's Ibrahimovic sarcastically: Buongiorno, how do you drink your coffee?

Eto'o Fine

weeks ago etoo was fined for parking his car wrongly
and he started to plead to the traffic warden to not fining him
but she refused

Cappelo the pimp