Saturday, May 16, 2015

Jose Mourinho insists he wants legendary Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech to stay at the club, despite the presence of Belgian prodigy Thibaut Courtois...

Alvaro Negredo "The beast of Vallecas" La fiera de Vallecas

Patrice Evra and Giorgio Chiellini are set to face Luis Suarez once again after Juventus set up a Champions League final against Barcelona

Pep Guardiola is backing Barcelona after Bayern Munich's exit: "With all my heart, I now hope that they win the Champions League."

Pep Guardiola has confirmed he wants to stay at Bayern Munich: "I've already said 200 million times I'll be here next season. That's it."

Steven Gerrard on his 'farewell' at Chelsea: "The Chelsea fans showed respect for a couple of seconds for me but slaughtered me all game so I’m not going to get drawn into wishing the Chelsea fans well. It’s nice of them to turn up for once today."

After seeing his Manchester United side beat Crystal Palace, Louis van Gaal says he can now sit back and enjoy Chelsea versus Liverpool with a "fantastic glass of wine"